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Personal Mindfulness Appointment

The only one to one 45 minute masterclass you will need to launch your mindfulness practice.

Mindfulness Experiences…

Welcome to MindbodyCalm – the home of Mindfulness Experiences in nature, as well as Personal Mindfulness Appointments.

Mindfulness is a powerful tool to self regulate – so you become more skillful at choosing your responses in times of stress.

Mindfulness is surprisingly accessible for beginners.  And for those more experienced, the challenge is to find the space and time to master your practice.

MindBodyCalm is an original concept from Bren Murphy – a trained Mindfulness Specialist and Life Coach.  

“Sharing mindfulness experiences with people outdoors just seemed like a natural fit.  There’s a heart centered and organic honesty to sitting in stillness alongside running water, or overlooking the surf”  Bren explains.

“Mindfulness ends with SS – which is Sensations and Sounds – and what better environment to dive deep than the sun kissing your skin, or the sounds of waves crashing in the distance?”

Join me for my next mindfulness workshop, or reserve a Mindfulness Appointment.  Often, the simple things in life reveal exactly what you might be seeking. 




Mindfulness Workshop

Sunday 4th June  

900am – 12 noon


Mindfulness Workshop

Sunday 11th June

 930am – 2.30pm

  • Please arrive 5 minutes or more before the walk time starts – as we leave on time.  If we have already started, don’t worry, you can still join in, just make your way along the path and you will find us sitting as a group.
  • Bring along walking shoes, a hat, water bottle and sunglasses.  
  • Each walk involves walking, but at a steady, beginners pace.  We accommodate all levels of fitness so we will slow down for you, and we always take gentle, safe tracks.
  • We appreciate it if you join the Mindfulness Newcastle MeetUp to confirm your attendance – click here to join meetup 
  • By far the biggest challenge with coming along for a walking mindfulness experience is turning up.  Once you are there,  you’ll find a warm, welcoming and accepting group and you will be given space and respect to do you own thing.

Glenrock Wellness Walk

A typical snapshot of what to expect on a Mindfulness Walk – exploring nature at a steady, beginners pace with no special health or fitness requirements.

Merewether Wellness Walk

One of the signature walks – get grounded with texture of sand, the sounds of the waves and the clarity of sunlight and the wind.  Perfect for a Sunday afternoon – 4pm tp 6pm.

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The complete introduction to establishing a lasting and meaningful mindfulness practice.
Includes mindfulness walks to fit your schedule, one to one mindfulness mentoring,  daily action steps and access to private Facebook Group.  Gain the support and structure to build mindfulness into your daily routine!
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