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 Mindful in May

Glenrock State Park (Newcastle)
Sunday, 21 May 930am – 230pm


Yuelarbah Trail Carpark, Kahibah

Heading off on a 3km gentle walk among the cascades of Flaggy Creek, the birds, the crisp coastal air. A deep dive into mindfulness in a supportive small group setting.

Burwood Road, Kahibah NSW
1300 084 004
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 Mindful Sydney Harbour

Bradley’s Head Track (Taronga Wharf)
Sunday 4th June 10am – 230pm

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Bradleys Head Walking Track, Mosman, NSW

A picturesque walk along the stunning visual imagery of Sydney Harbour – with in depth pauses for mindfulness moments.

Taronga Zoo Wharf, NSW
1300 084 004

Your Host

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Mindfulness Specialist, MindBodyCalm 

Sharing the insights and experience of Mindfulness to hundreds of people through my mindfulness walks is a great privilege.  I come to Mindfulness after a profound spiritual awakening.  Now, as a Mindfulness Specialist and Life Coach, I offer an integrated, holistic experience for personal growth.

Book a 1 to 1 Personal Mindfulness Appointment – working together for one hour will set you up for success with your beginning mindfulness practice.  I can give you instant feedback and share the common truths I have learned from hundreds of books and hours on the mat.

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What is a Mindfulness Walking Workshop?

Bren Murphy created this framework based on various teachings from all schools of thought and philosophy.

The MindBodyCalm Mindfulness technique is about opening the mind through motion – through moving the body – and approaching a state of calm as the way forward.

Mindfulness is a simple way to learn about how we relate to our experience. Mindfulness can have a profound impact on lessening the negative impact of our experiences.

During the Workshop, we cover simple states of understanding like

– Stopping
– Paying attention to the moment
– Paying attention to the breath
– Not judging whether this moment is “good” or “bad”

We will as a group experience the simple presence of Mindfulness

  • Awareness
  • Being present in this moment in time
  • Acceptance of our self at this moment in time

Mindfulness is

  • a gentle, patient coming to terms with who we are
  • Being open with our difficulties without being lost in the story of the difficulty itself
  • being comfortable in our curtrent experience in an open hearted and relaxed way

Mindfulness is not

  • relaxation – or a way to avoid challenges
  • a gateway to some sort of religious cult or alternative reality
  • based on any religious or spiritual dogma or agendas.

The MindBodyCalm approach to Mindfulness is based on achieving stillness and calm through the mind and the body for a heightened sense of deep personal calm.

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workplace training

Book a half or full day workshop for your next staff training event.

contact hello@mindbodycalm.com.au



What’s Your Return Policy?

All tickets are one use only and expire on the day of use.  No refunds or exchange is possible.

If you feel an event has not met your expectations, you can  send your feedback to hello@mindbodycalm.com.au

Where are you located?

MindBodyCalm is based in Merewether on the mid-north coast of New South Wales.  I am planning further workshops and would really appreciate invitations to your events, workshops and gatherings.

Any Bundle Discount?

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Buying as a Mindful Gift?

Nothing quite compares to the act of giving a Mindfulness Walk as a gift.  Share your mindful journey with someone close to you and give them an experience of MindBodyCalm Mindfulness.