MIndfulness Workshops

Mindfulness for Seniors.  


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Mindfulness is not a religious belief system.  Mindfulness is an outlook of seeing what is here, now in the present.  That’s it.  Don’t over-complicate it or add any unnecessary layers. Mindfulness is experiencing this moment without thoughts of the past or the future.  

As we age, we can build up a baggage around us and this interferes with our ability to experience the simple joy of the moment.  So, the answer is to practice mindfulness and re-learn how to stop that mind-chatter and allow us to simply breathe, enjoy and relax in the moment. 


See how the brain actually changes after a period of mindfulness?  Scientific studies prove the benefits of mindfulness for Seniors are an improved sense of connectedness as well as decreases in loneliness.

Seniors reported improved mood, less hospitalizations, reduced depression., improving functional fitness and vascular reactivity.  Seniors also reported better relationships with caregivers, staff and family.

Mindfulness is a simple, accessible and overall positive activity for seniors – perhaps it should be a question of why aren’t all seniors not practicing mindfulness?

Mindfulness Moments


  • 45 minute escape into mindfulness with three calming mindfulness activities
  • Gain the benefits of mindfulness – calmness, acceptance, patience and forgiveness
  • Suitable for all mobility levels and cognitive ability
  • Up to 30 participants included
  • Focus on desirable human qualities and let go of unwanted suffering
  • Ideal morning or afternoon element for your existing activities calendar!
  • Book a term of 8 moments for $997.

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Mindfulness Morning/Afternoon


  • 2 hour package to introduce and inspire with mindfulness
  • Experience mindfulness with practical participation
  • Suitable for all mobility levels and cognitive ability
  • Engage with groups up to 30 with a focus on engaging with soft skills
  • focus on compassion, kindness and personal self healing
  • Ideal morning or afternoon element for your existing activities calendar!
  • Book a term of 8 afternoons $1950.

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Mindfulness Life Coaching


  • 45 minute mindfulness based life coaching experience
  • small group (up to 6 paticipants) workshop style
  • Gain clarity using Archetypes Analysis and Spiral Dynamics Theory
  • A fun, self healing experience to shine a light on a new way of looking at things – instead of being lost in a suffering/stuck thought pattern
  • Definitely light hearted and inspirational – aimed at positive reflection and acceptance
  • Book a one to one session $120.

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What is MBSR (Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction)?

MindBodyCalm offers a mindfulness training program for the corporate and non-government sectors.  Participants are first made of aware of, and then supported through learning modules designed to make mindfulness accessible in everyday life.  
Put simply, this means applying the principles of mindfulness throughout the workday for a more harmonious environment.  This means happier staff, satisfied clients and less conflict resolution for management.

How does the course operate?

The 8 week Mindfulness Training Course operates at your workplace, at hours convenient to your workflow and existing practices.  Successfully integrating the mindfulness class into the first hour of team meetings, or even as an add on after a lunch break is advised.

Also available are the half day and full day workshops for a immersive introduction to mindfulness – although the weekly repetition is preferable to establish sustainable habits in participants.   

Non Religious / Unaffiliated Program

MindBodyCalm is not affiliated or funded by any religious organisation nor do we make reference to religious texts during any program with us.  Mindfulness is about making the benefits of stillness and calm self-observation available to as wide an audience as possible.  Please be assured that the trainer adhere’s strictly to this protocol.

Training and Experience

Bren Murphy hosts the 8 week Mindfulness Training Course.  Bren is a comes from a background in community mental health, and then as a successful owner of an online start up business.  Using his teacher training background as well as his training from meditation retreats, courses and life coaching certification, Bren is qualified to lead what current students describe as “truly transformational”mindfulness experiences.  

“Helping people appreciate that they have the resources within themselves to achieve a state of calm and resilient composure is what drives me.  As students go inward, I witness their authentic self emerge.”

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At MindBodyCalm we focus on the positive psychology aspects of mindfulness.  Our core values are to bring a sense of playful wonder to the whole experience.  Let go of your anxiety and fear and instead we’ll install a deep sense of awe and happiness.


Mindfulness has profoundly changed the way we view the world – our mindset, our beliefs and our behaviours are all vastly transformed through embracing the discipline of mindfulness.  Our passion is the opportunity to share that sense of inner calm with you.


Mindfulness inspires and motivates us everyday.  We’re utterly inspired to bring mindfulness to your workplace and help individuals change one at a time so that they, in turn, can go on and change the world!